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For some years, she resisted these inner locutions and the apparitions, as well as the Archangel Michael and Saints.Finally in 1429, the young mystic came to the Dauphin in Chinon.According to the accounts of the geographer and Muslim chronicler Al-Maqrizi (1364-1442), the Virgin also appeared each year in the church of the Al-Maghti monastery, known by the Ethiopians by the name of Dabra Metmaq, located close to Lake Bouroullos and north of Bilqas in the Eastern Delta, the 21st day of the Coptic month Bachnas (May 29th), when large crowd, coming from all Egypt, gathered in this place for a pilgrimage as important as that of the church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. Visionary: mute shepherdess Title: Our Lady of the Poison Ivy (Nossa Senhora da Urtiga) One day a mute shepherd girl was watching her sheep, in the parish of Fátima, when a Lady appeared to her and asked her for a sheep.According to Marian tradition preserved in Ethiopia, following the Christ Child's explicit prayer, formulated during the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt, the Virgin appeared annually to faithful pilgrims, who ardently desired to see her from the bottom of their hearts, at Al-Maghti at the time of the pilgrimage which took place during the Coptic month of Bachnas (at the end of May), with the archangels Michael and Gabriel, as well as holy martyrs. The shepherd girl noticed that her tongue had become loose and she answered that she would ask her father's permission. When she found him, he was surprised to see his daughter speaking.His preaching was marked by devotion to Mary, on whom was particularly focused, and veneration of Jesus' name using the trigram IHS.Bernardino was also active as Vicar General Order at the Council of Florence (in support of union with the separated Orthodox Christians) and worked to resolve conflicts between the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Title: Blessed Virgin of the Roses Visionaries: Two lost merchants The Virgin appeared to two merchants.

Our Lady was seated in a circle of light in the church constructed in her name.In 1781 the city chose the "Lady of Grace" as patron. Dictionary of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary p 263.Visionary: Giacomo delle Corone da Portaria The tradition says that the beginning of the use of the Crown of the Seven Joys of the Virgin has an origin in an apparition, which took place in 1422 in the convent of Cesi (Portaria) near Terni. The legend relates that while the novice was praying in church before the image of the Virgin, she told him to recite daily seven decades of Hail Marys, interspersed with meditation on the seven joyful mysteries. Joan of Arc (1412-1431) Even Joan of Arc was blessed with apparitions of the Holy Virgin. Joan of Arc heard some voices often from the age of thirteen urging that she save France threatened to leave Orleans by the English king and to consecrate the Dauphin Charles.Pilgrims built a wooden church as a place of worship; in 1512 a nobleman erected a stone church and brought the statue inside.

In 1723 the sanctuary was renovated and enlarged, was then elevated to basilica and has always many pilgrims every year.Our Lady appeared in her greatest heavenly glory and promised a special gift for the conversion of sinners through his words and miracles.